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Thank you for being so transparent. I myself have battled since being 12 years old with mental illness. Not only have I experienced it with myself, I’ve experienced it with my mom, my brother, my sisters, now I’m going through it with my oldest son. It’s heartbreaking. I listen over and over to different episodes and it gives me hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Thank you for starting this podcast. I’ve been a fan of yours since you joined the basement yard and I’m so happy to see you doing what you want and helping others along the way. Great content Danny!


I just wanted to say thank you for doing this show, I followed you here from the basement yard. This show has done wonders for me I know that this year has been hard for everyone. I’ve had so much trauma and I’ve never had PTSD until this year. [...] You’ve helped me get through so much because I don’t feel alone. Thank you for being real and being honest and letting us Into parts of your life. Thank you for helping those of us who have no one else to be rock, keep going. Thank you for being my voice of reason and helping keep my feet on the ground in understanding and trying to get to the root of my issues, keep up with the great work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart again.

ky burns