Dec 20, 2023

Knocking Out Stigmas: The Battle for Mental Health in Combat Sports

“We really should take into consideration the mental health of our athletes a little bit more.”

Bare knuckle fighting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough sport and you have to be wired a little differently to step into a ring where you’re reliant on yourself, not a teammate or a coach on the sideline for success. Those rounds can seem like an eternity for a boxer, filled with intensity, blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a tough sport, ruled by tougher men, and one that’s on the rise in the global sports community. “My father was like super-cool and taught me martial arts, so he was like my big brother more than my dad.” Lorenzo, (3:13)

Today, I spend time talking to a man who stands atop the bare-knuckle fighting world, roundly recognized as the premier talent in that sport. He’s Lorenzo Hunt, also known as, “The Juggernaut” and one of the greatest fighters of this or any other generation. I sit down with him to discuss some of the struggles he’s had to overcome, his approach to life, his sport, and how he maintains a healthy mental state. “I think that we really should take into consideration the mental health of our athletes more.” – Lorenzo, (6:22)

This is a fascinating conversation and one that will undoubtedly inspire you to move to new heights in your life from both a physical and more importantly, a mental state. Both are integral parts of our lives and today, we tackle them head on with a man who only knows one direction … forward! “It doesn’t matter how you try to hurt someone, it’s going to hurt.” – Lorenzo, (13:34) “For the most part, my training is my therapy.” – Lorenzo, (30:24)