Jan 24, 2024

Breaking the Silence: Nurturing Youth Mental Health

“When it comes to students, everybody just wants to be seen and heard.”

Mental health is a conversation that too many times people aren’t willing to have. It’s a real thing and even though people tend to ignore it, having those conversations, difficult though they are, is necessary. Contrary to popular belief, participants don’t have to be adults to weigh in, give an opinion, and seek help because mental health also impacts youngsters, and not addressing their fears and concerns can have a lingering impact on their lives. ”I drink socially or occasionally, but what I really had to change was the environment around me.” – (Ross), 4:51

My guest today is Ross Szabo, a leading mental health advocate and a man who is working tirelessly to change the perceptions around mental health. His work includes how we approach it from a classroom dynamic as his vision calls for teachers, school districts, and leaders around the nation to begin building programs that address the very real phenomenon at an early age. He’s a pioneer in this field and continues to champion the needs of children through his groundbreaking programs and curriculums. “If I knew what panic disorder was in the sixth grade it would’ve been a lot easier for me to come forward and talk about it.” – (Danny), 18:43

Today, Ross discusses the challenges he faced as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, how those challenges impacted his life as well as his stance on how our nation should address mental health moving forward. Ross also shares several real-life experiences including the things he has seen during speaking engagements and the way those engagements have shaped his way of thinking. “When it comes to students, everybody just wants to be seen and heard.” – (Ross), 27:38

If you’ve been wondering how to address the mental health issues of young people within your sphere, pull up a chair and listen to Ross as he shares the wisdom he’s seen and learned along the way. This is an incredible conversation about a topic whose time has definitely come. “Mental health isn’t just about emotions, it’s also relationships, it’s communication, it’s coping mechanisms.” – (Ross), 37:47