Aug 23, 2023

The Real Price of Reality Television

“I had to say something because I had to leave reality TV better than I found it.”

Reality television became a thing a little over a decade ago and since arriving on the scene, it has taken the airwaves, and society, by storm. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who hasn’t spent time watching one, pulled in by the real-time train wreck or complex love triangles that have allowed this form of entertainment to slowly become woven into our fabric. But what happens when reality gets a little too real, and things go wrong? “I’ve always been someone who has felt alone. From the moment my parents divorced when I was five years old, I felt responsibility for my sisters, and I resorted to handling things that bother me on my own.” – (4:48), Nick

My guest today is Nick Thompson, a man who knows all about the ups and downs of being a reality television star. He found and later lost love on the set of Love is Blind and also, found out about his own mental health and how to love himself more in the process. He’s a man who struggles with depression and one who has some very real and authentic thoughts on how the changes reality television needs to institute for the good of everyone involved, including the audiences. “I got to the point where I said I can’t take anymore. I can’t take people calling me a cheater, a narcissist, and knowing everything about my life and having a judgment on it.” – (6:38), Nick

Makes no difference if you’re an ardent reality show watcher or just a person trying to make it to the next day, join us as Nick shares insights on his journey to mental wellness, the struggles he has faced, and exciting news on his latest endeavor! It’s an amazing conversation with an even more amazing guy. “Can we at least get an independent therapist on each of these (reality show) sets that can say he so and so can’t film anymore because they’re having an episode?” – (25:43), Nick “I had to say something because I had to leave reality TV better than I found it.” – (40:01), Nick