Sep 6, 2023

The Untold Struggles of Athletes

“I wish I could go back and play in the mind frame and state of mind that I am now.”

Things can be deceiving from the outside looking in and you’d be shocked to find out how many people who look like they have it all together are actually falling apart. It’s a façade that gets harder to keep up with each passing day and one that eventually comes crashing down. No one embodies this more than the big-time athlete. They’re superhuman or so it seems but truth be told, they’re just as vulnerable as the next guy, maybe more vulnerable in some instances. “I attribute most of my anxiety and depression to trauma, childhood trauma, not head trauma as much.” – (10:11), JB

My guest today is JB Copeland. He’s a guy who seemed to have it all just right and everything going just righ and within an instant, that all changed. JB was on the fast track to gridiron success coming out of Texas. He landed at the University of North Carolina and that’s where his life began unraveling. From head trauma that forced him to retire from football to the recreational drugs that defined him after he left the team, all the way to his time as a youth pastor, JB has a story to tell. It’s one that will shock and inspire you all at the same time while helping you get moving in the right direction. “I think I was like in a state of delusion to where it was everyone else’s fault but me.” – (15:05), JB

If you’ve fallen and think there’s no way you can stand again or begin walking down a path of redemption, this episode is the one that tells you that you can. It’s an open, honest conversation where we discuss hard truths, family issues, and the beauty of healing and one you can’t afford to miss! “I wish I could go back and play in the mind frame and state of mind that I am now.” – (18:32), JB “When I could be me and I realized my father could accept me for me, everything changed.” – (37:41), JB