Sep 13, 2023

Surviving the Social Media Death Hoax

“My self-worth isn’t based on what other people think of me, good or bad.”

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving, but on the other side, social media can also be a curse. It’s addictive and once it sucks you in it can be hard, often impossible to get out. In many cases, it’s how you react to the plethora of platforms at our disposal that determines how well you’re able to navigate this new element of life that looks as if it’s definitely here to stay and not a fad as many would’ve wanted us to believe years ago. “Is it productive? Is it beneficial to my mental health to obsess about things that happened in the past?” – (2:45), Josh

My guest today is Josh Seiter. Josh is a man who knows a little something about the media, and social media. He recently went through a media storm with stories of his passing making headlines. Lucky for us, and the world at large, he’s still alive, kicking, and championing the virtues of mental health. His struggle is one that will inspire everyone and call you to focus on what, and who really matters in life, even if that person is you: Someone so many of us forget to value. “Just because people are momentarily interested in you, it doesn't make you better than anyone.” – (7:57), Josh

We’re all going through something and at some point, we all need someone to listen and show us that we matter. Pull up a chair and take a listen as Josh takes us inside his journey to healing, family, finding purpose, and unlocking the incredible man that lives within! “My self-worth isn’t based on what other people think of me, good or bad.” – (8:40), Josh “I think the only reason you would want to leave the world is because you feel unloved.” – (21:47), Josh