Jun 15, 2022

From Rock Bottom To Recovery

"I'm just so convinced today that putting a drink or a drug in my body is not gonna make anything better. In fact, it's gonna make sh*t a lot worse."

How does a person go from lifelong substance abuse to getting clean and starting an addiction recovery nonprofit (not to mention starring on “The Bachelorette”), all in just ten years? I sat down with Zac Clark to find out.

“I know today the truth about my existence, which is whatever I've been through is my most important and greatest asset. And it gives me, I believe, an advantage against the world. It's just good to be here.”

In this episode, Zac shares his story – including a brain tumor, convincing a doctor to remove his gallbladder for access to pain pills, why he still remembers a bank teller named Rhonda Jackson, and how his recovery allowed him to be there for his family during a crisis.

“I was the first one on the plane to Florida. … And the only reason I got to do that was because of my recovery, you know? Like I'm here and I'm present. When someone needs help, I know how to show up. No drug or drink or whatever was gonna give me the moxie to show up the way I showed up over that.”

Zac also discusses dating during recovery, “The Bachelorette,” starting his companies – Release Recovery, an addiction services organization, and Release Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit to help those struggling with addiction – and shares how you can get help if you’re in need.

“The first step is always asking for help. Once someone is at that place of asking for help, that's the hardest thing to do. And if you are listening to this, please, please, please, don't be shy. You can always reach out.”